Pairs Cricket

These rules are sometimes known as "Barrington Rules" and are designed for younger players so that every member of the team gets an opportunity to contribute.

They apply to League matches played by the Under 11 team. Cricket Helmet

Rules for Pairs Cricket

  1. Each team shall comprise 8 players.
  2. The pitch shall be 20yds long
  3. The ball shall weigh 4 ¾ ozs
  4. Each game shall consist of 1 innings per team – of 16 overs duration
  5. The batting team shall be divided into pairs and each pair shall bat for 4 overs.
  6. Each batter shall have unlimited “lives” but each “life” lost shall result in 6 runs being deducted from the score. The dismissed batter cannot face the next ball so the batters shall normally change ends at the fall of each wicket except on the last ball of the over.
  7. Each member of the fielding team must bowl with the exception of the wicket keeper. No bowler shall bowl more than 3 overs
  8. Each team shall commence its innings with a score of 200 to which runs are added as scored.
  9. The winning team shall be the one recording the higher number of runs after deductions for fall of wickets. In the event of the score being equal the result shall be a tie.
  10. In all matches no fielder except the wicket keepers shall be allowed to field nearer than 11 yards measured from the middle stump except behind the wicket on the off side.
  11. If a player is injured his/her place may be taken by a reserve.
  12. If a team is short, the fielding team may select the player to bat twice.
  13. Team Managers can agree before the start of play to award one run for wides and no-balls and to add an extra ball OR to award two runs for wides and no-balls and not add an extra ball.